Boost your audiovisual contents
with appropriate subtitles.

Established in 2016 in Montréal, Blue West is entirely devoted to accessibility and closed captioning for the deaf and hearing impaired : we provide subtitles for stock or live content, television or Web, in French, in English or in a multilingual version.

Our company is invested in the development and evolution of new technologies, as we are convinced that the need for content accessibility is as much a priority as it is a necessity, for distributors and users alike.

Implanted in the historical and economical artery of Montreal, at the heart of the Cité du Multimédia, Blue West adapted itself to a high scale demand for quality caption making.

Blue West will soon offer a video description service.

We are committed to continuous innovation, and convinced that traditional practices are no longer suited to market growth, customers’ demands for flexibility and budget optimization. We analyse and anticipate these new trends and develop our assets and working methods accordingly. Our software resources are entirely built in-house by our R&D department. These technologies ensure an increase in both productivity and quality, and guarantee great adaptability to new markets.

Subtitling / captioning services

Live captioning

Live subtitling allows audio or audio-video content to be transcribed or translated in real time by applying predefined editorial standards.

Every live closed caption is produced in our studios by a team that is conversant with our software and procedures.

Our translator operators are trained to provide high quality live closed caption.

Blue West is a partner of major Canadian and European channels for live subtitling services.

Subtitles are produced in real time and sent through a secured internet connection, as a continuous stream, to a client’s site (TV control room)

The different versions of the subtitles are produced and broadcasted live and integrated in the video in the form of a subtitle file: the video content is broadcasted on a streaming platform (Content Delivery Network) and the user can choose the language of the subtitles.

Captions are produced and embedded in real time, directly on the video content, and broadcasted on a streaming platform (Content Delivery Network).

Pre-recorded Subtitles

Stock subtitling for the Quebec market is Blue West’s number one speciality.
Our bilingual team allows our customers to broaden their audience.
Blue West distinguishes itself by its quality assurance, its responsiveness and its execution speed.
We are equipped to handle large volumes.


Each day, we produce hundreds of standardized files in any format.


We deliver video contents in their original format including embedded captions, complying with predefined or custom editorial norms.


High-quality subtitling or captioning enhances your image.
Blue west meets all of your channel’s needs. A turnkey solution for your live or pre-recorded programs. Scheduling for large volumes and rush delivery for urgent programs.


Videos and web programs that are captioned benefit from an increased visibility on search engines and are viewed up to 10 times more.
Blue West delivers high-quality captions in just a few hours.
Delivery of caption files in any format or redelivery of your contents with embedded captions.
Choose from predefined norms templates or customize your captions, even using your proprietary font.


Live and multilingual subtitling of your online events: a unique and state-of-the-art solution.

Blue West has developed and produced a brand new system to subtitle your online events in real time (shows, conferences, interviews, etc.), simultaneously and in several languages!

Send us a stream of your event’s video, we ensure it’s being broadcasted including subtitles.

Blue VD (video description)

When it comes to accessibility, Blue West is taking the next step with its
new video description service : just like closed caption making,
video description requires unique know-how.
Thanks to a proprietary software system, we are able to work,
from our own studios, on audio analysing,
description writing and voice recording.


Blue West captions your favorite TV and Web events year-round!

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